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Running Ansible in CHECK/DIFF mode

Learn how to run your playbooks without having the changes actually apply. This is a great way for Ansible to validate a playbook.

#DevOps #Ansible #Config Mgmt

Sending Webhooks with Python

This video shows you how to send webhooks with Python using the requests module. Sending webhooks with python is a breeze! This works for all releases of Python3 and is a great tutorial for beginners.

#DevOps #Python

How to check port status and test connections

How to check if a port is listening on Linux? The following is applicable for all Linux/Unix distributions. Ubuntu, CentOS etc.

#DevOps #Linux

Change your hostname in Linux

How to change your hostname in linux


Monitoring Dashboard using Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana

In this video we go over a modern monitoring stack: Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana. The video is based on Ubuntu 20.04 on a Raspberry Pi but it will work for any modern Linux distribution.

#DevOps #Monitoring #RaspberryPI

How to Setup Logging in Python

The basics of setting up logging in Python.


Using Ansible to Copy Files

In this lesson we go over how you can copy files to remote hosts using Ansible.

#Ansible #Config Mgmt

Installing packages with Ansible

Installing packages with Ansible using apt, yum and package manager.

#Ansible #Config Mgmt

Ansible Playbooks

Example of simple Ansible Playbook

#Ansible #Config Mgmt

Ansible Tools: The Ping Module

Learn how to test remote hosts with Ansible Ping.

#DevOps #Ansible #Config Mgmt

Getting Started with InfluxDB

A quick tutorial on how to get started with InfluxDB

#DevOps #Databases

Receiving Webhooks with Python

This video shows you how to receive webhooks with Python using the requests module.

#DevOps #Python

Python command line tool - Python Typer Tutorial

In this video, I go over what I think is one of the best modules for creating Python Command Line (CLI) Tools.

#DevOps #Python

Python SSH Client - Paramiko. SSH with Python.

In this lesson we go over how to create SSH sessions using paramiko.


Call a system command from Python

Ever wonder what the best way to send a system command from Python is? Today we answer that question as I go over the Python 'Subprocess' module. With this module, you can call shell commands and interact with system processes.